Pareti Granted Targeted Small Business Status

Pareti Mobile Walls is 100% Female owned

Pareti Mobile Walls, LLC is 100% female owned, and so was awarded this Targeted Small Business certification through the Iowa Economic Development Targeted Small Business Certification Program

On January 18, 2018, Pareti Mobile Walls, LLC received a Targeted Small Business Certification.

The Targeted Small Business (TSB) program is designed to help minorities, women, service-connected disabled veterans, and people with disabilities to start or grow a small business in Iowa. Pareti Mobile Walls, LLC is a 100% female-owned business.

The TSB certification allows Pareti to have access to state procurement opportunities 48 hours in advance of the state’s RFQ postings, as well as other benefits, including networking with other business owners, purchasing managers, and private buyers. Various workshops, educational webinars and other events are also conducted through the program.

Kathlene Kyle, owner of Pareti Mobile Walls, was delighted to learn of the company’s recent certification. “This program is designed to ensure the future growth of small businesses. It gives small companies like ours opportunities to speak with buyers who many only know about larger, more mature businesses.”

Pareti currently takes part in Iowa Economic Development’s mentorship program as well. “Starting a company with the fundamental values we have, such as a biodegradable product, and manufacturing with natural materials is uncharted,” said Kyle. “It helps to have seasoned mentors offer their ideas as we grow. Iowa’s TSB webinars have been invaluable.”

Targeted Small Businesses may also use the Certified TSB logo so prospective customers can easily identify businesses in the program. This can be helpful for federal or state contracts where selecting a minority owned business is helpful, or required. In many cases the state of Iowa can work with other sister states for verifying minority status through this program.

If you have questions about Pareti’s TSB minority certification working within your state, you may either contact Pareti directly at 319.208.6109, or contact Jill Lippincott at the Iowa Economic Development, TSB Certification at 515.348.6159. Additional information can be found at this link.