Our trade show booth easily holds 205 pounds

Our trade show booth design hold 205 lbs. or more!

Do your products weigh over 10 lbs? Then you might like see our informal test this week with 205 pounds of items on our trade show booth. It was both fun and very cool to see. During a break from production during the day, and got together in the shop to see how much weight the walls could hold. We already know our museum curators are hanging well over 50 lbs. per wall section, but trade show booths are a bit different since they must use a limited amount of space.

What if you could display your heavy products at a trade show?

We only stopped at 205 lbs because we ran out of things to hang up.

If your products are heavier, give us a call and we can try the weight of your products out! Meanwhile, here’s the story behind our test.

An impromptu test just before break time

We found some extra walls we had in storage and assembled them into our standard “Forte” trade show booth configuration. (By the way, ‘forte’ means ‘strong’ in Italian). Some of these walls were used in our own trade show booth, while others were in inventory – but they were all standard walls. Then our shop crew gathered heavy items found in the building, like 50 lb sandbags placed in two 5 gallon buckets, tools, parts, a vice, and more. One person even grabbed a spare tire from his truck! This kept going until they ran out of heavy things! Each item was weighed, and the walls easily held 205 lbs. The display was very sturdy, and the items held up just fine.

Here’s a fun video we did to show a bit about this little experiment.

How much will our trade show booth hold?

How much will our trade show booth hold?


Why does it help to have a heavy display booth?

If you’re a designer, business owner, or trade show specialist, you know there seems to be no happy medium between lightweight, portable displays and heavy duty custom displays. However, most product-oriented companies need a way to hang products up on something tougher than a popup. Pareti offers custom, heavy duty display booths at 10 x 10 or larger sizes – designed for hanging heavier items. You can also order more sections to fit to our standard 10 x 10 booth for larger shows, or as your company grows.

Portable, lightweight displays with stunning graphics are certainly convenient – and work well for service industries and intangible products. But if you want a large flat screen television at your show, or you’re selling physical products (especially heavy items) our trade show booths might be exactly what you need. We can provide the look and strength you need to display many products, while still offering portability.

That means companies selling heavier items, such as industrial accessories, small appliances, or other products finally have a choice when it comes to portable, heavy duty trade show booths. You can actually hang products up, create a retail store or showroom feel, and still enhance everything with color or stunning graphics.

How are our trade show booths different?

  • They allow you to show actual products – even heavier ones!
  • You can create a realistic looking store front to create a retail environment to showcase your products
  • Create a ‘set’ which shows how the consumer will use your product (create a living room, for example)
  • You’re not limited to the front view only – you can use both the front and back of the trade show booth for larger display booth areas
  • We can help you with stunning graphics, from design to vinyl graphic wrap, to add drama to your display

With our walls you can make buyers visualize your products where you want them to be – in a store, or perhaps in a customer’s location such as a home. Our trade show booth possibilities give you the tools to create the kind of environment you need to showcase your products.

If you’re showing heavier products or need to hang your products up, we think you’ll love our display walls!

Contact us for details and to discuss what products you need to display. We’ll help you design a sturdy, solid exhibit that’s portable and reconfigurable.

You can view more examples of our trade show displays here.

Hang 200 lbs of products, flat screens and more on our 10 x 10 standard heavy duty trade show booth. Our portable display walls are heavy, but very simple and to set up. A 10 x 10 set can easily expand to 20 feet or more, simply by adding more panels. Hang products, shelving, flatscreen TVs and more. Call 866-339-1009 or email sales@paretimobilewalls.com.

trade show booth and assorted hanging things on our trade show booth walls - what a heavy duty booth!

Our trade show booth can hold a lot of weight! We stopped at 205 lbs. because we ran out of things to hang.