Portable walls: Why you should use them instead of regular construction

If you’re thinking about remodeling, portable walls can work magic

Portable walls can solve your gallery’s small space issues. Our portable walls offer amazing versatility, great looks, simple set up – and super rugged performance. They also have the unusual ability to hang heavy items.

People who handle some of the most expensive items in our country use our walls. These are the folks  who deal with the most fragile and valuable artifacts in our country – museum curators!  They love our walls because they’re strong, durable, can be rearranged easily, and are easy to maintain.

The best part? Your items will look great on our walls too.

Here are some reasons we find our walls are the perfect fit for museums, galleries, colleges and universities:


Fabulous buildings often don’t have enough interior walls – but our walls can save the day

portable wallsMany museums, such as the Milwaukee Historical Society, occupy a gorgeous building, but are short on wall space. Curators and exhibit designers often face challenges like large windows or concrete or brick walls that make hanging artifacts or art impossible. Our portable walls are an alternative to costly and noisy construction. In some cases – especially with historical buildings – construction is impossible. Pareti Mobile Walls simulate the look of real walls, as well as provide a convenient way to hang things.

Ben Barbara, Curator and Operations Manager at the Milwaukee County Historical Society, was in a similar position. He describes, “We’re in a 100-year old bank building which doesn’t have much in the way of exterior walls… so we needed some sort of modular interior wall system.” (You can hear Ben’s story here.)

Pareti’s unique system offers a reconfigurable way to make the most of your square footage, without spending money on permanent construction projects which can’t be moved when your needs change.

Heavy art or shelving works better on our walls

If you already know you need some type of portable wall,  be sure to get portable walls that hold weight adequately.

portable walls instead of office cubicles or gallery walls

Our portable walls are not simply props or room dividers. They’re heavy duty, durable structures you can use over and over again. Place shelving, heavy artwork, artifacts and more on our walls. With a solid floor plan, our walls hold as much or more as real stick-built drywall permanent walls.

But how much weight can you place on them?

Stefanie Kohn, curator at the National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library had this to say: “The Much art was very heavy, as much as 75 lbs. for some of the larger pieces. They were fine on the moveable walls. I felt safer hanging them on the moveable walls than on the drywall.”

Why does this matter?

When it comes to portable walls, we think everyone needs the versatility of a real wall. This makes setting up exhibits much more simple. Imaging moving your walls where you like, changing the paint color when you want to, and hanging pictures – as many as you want – just where you like. You don’t need wires or special ways or places to hang items. You can use regular hardware like hanger hooks, nails, screws, French cleats, and even anchors or Molly bolts (as long as you don’t mind the patching later).

How can you actually use our portable walls?

Using some spare wall sections for testing, we held a contest to grab as many heavy items at our facility as possible and hang them on our walls. We wanted to see how much weight we could place on the walls, just using every day things.

We stopped at 205 lbs. only because we ran out of things to hang up!

portable walls strength test