Demonstration of an “L” portable wall system

Sometimes it’s simply best to show how sturdy our portable wall systems are!

Gallery owners, trade show marketers, exhibit designers, and operations staff want to know how sturdy our portable wall system actually is. So we decided to conduct this small, informal test to show how well our walls stand.

To help with that question we conducted a simple test this morning to show a prospective customer how stable our walls can be by using this “L” configuration: 14′ x 24′ as an example. We wanted to show that our portable wall system performs very well in terms of stability. We also wanted to show that it’s quite difficult to move the walls once they’re in place. As the video shows, attempts to move the assembled walls was very difficult, even with three guys. Together they were only able to scoot the walls a few inches.

Portable Wall System Test

This particular configuration is both sturdy and economical – you can order this instant corner room configuration in white, crate included for about $5,500 + shipping. (Pricing is subject to change at any time, so be sure to contact us at for the latest figures for our portable wall system.)

Incidentally, three people set this up in about an hour, although only two people are necessary for a portable wall set this size.

Stability is critical

Portable walls aren’t anchored to the floor or ceiling, so it’s critical you use a stable floor plan. Your floor plan should make it impossible to tip the walls in any direction. Once you’ve determined the floor plan is stable and immovable, you can hang items on your walls.

Great at holding products and other items

Our walls are  built with your products in mind. With our sturdy portable wall system configurations, you can hang very heavy items on our walls. Many curators hang heavier items on our walls. Check out our other test where we ask, ‘how much weight will our walls hold?”

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