Pareti Mobile Walls specializes in custom floor plans, however we offer basic packages as well. These kits can turn into different exhibit areas simply by moving our portable walls around. Our universal joinery allows you to connect and disconnect where you like, so a flat wall can easily turn into a nook area by moving our portable walls around.

Since our system is universal, if you’d like to expand your portable wall system, you can order additional sections or entire kits if you like.

Our basic packages are listed below. Shipping is not included, however in many cases our delivery service costs less than traditional freight services. We’ll do our best to work with you to help keep costs low.


Pareti Mobile Walls specializes in helping our customers create custom floor plans with our portable walls. Email us a sketch of your exhibit idea, and we’ll get back to you with a quote.

Standard sets are shown above. These are basic wall configurations which may be reconfigured to offer different exhibit floor plans. Pricing does not include shipping. Pricing may be subject to change.

Our portable walls arrive in their natural brown color, ready for priming.

What’s included in our mobile wall / portable walls?

If your exhibit requires a special floor plan, such as hallways, nook areas, quiet spaces or media areas, contact us with your floor plan today! We can help.

Here’s what makes our mobile walls system so simple – we have very basic components which slide together. Our mobile, portable walls are exceedingly simple in design. They are logical to use, sturdy and feel like real walls.

Our patent pending design and simple product design not only makes set up extremely easy, but also makes planning and designing floor plans simpler.


Our portable wall / mobile walls are offered in specific sections, such as a 24″ wide mobile wall section, 48″ wide mobile walls section, a 24″ x 24″ corner portable wall, and 24″ x 24″ “T” section portable, mobile wall. We also offer end caps for finished edges. All surfaces may be painted or have graphics applied to them.


Need a specific floor plan? We specialize in custom orders!

Our standard wall height is 8′, however in many cases, custom heights may be created for your project. Contact us today with your requirements and floor plan, and we’ll create a quote for you.

Need help with shipping? We may be able to deliver to you! Pareti Mobile Walls can help you locate the best shipping option, careful delivery, complete with on-site assembly training, and all at the most competitive price.


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