"Portable, reusable, mobile walls for exhibits that are interchangeable, economical and simple to use."

Made in the USA! Create hallways, stand-alone exhibits and rooms with no construction experience.

About Pareti Mobile Walls

Now you can make walls move – just like furniture! Get to know us a little bit better by learning about who we are, who uses our products, and how committed we are to delighting customers.

Watch the video – Pareti Mobile Walls

Watch the installation video! Learn how Pareti Mobile Walls are the simplest
and most cost-effective solution for moveable, portable walls for your museum,

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Our 3-second explanation of what we do

Are you pitching the idea of our walls to decision makers? Here’s...

Get a FREE custom cut-out word or logo with your order in September!

Good for September only, we’re offering a fun, free custom cut-out word (of your choice) with your order of portable walls or pedestals!

Download our Exhibit Floor Plan Worksheet

Download our exhibit planning worksheet to plan your exhibit’s floor plan! Simply (and visually) design the foot print of your exhibit without special software.

Designing for Safety

Designing your floor plan with safety in mind

Isn’t it great to be able to design any floor plan you can think of? We think so! Safety is just as important as creativity, though, so we wanted to post this article to be sure you use our walls to achieve a great look for your gallery, as well as a safe experience for everyone involved.

Inspiring museum etiquette

Trouble with touchy patrons? 5 ideas that will inspire museum etiquette in newcomers. It’s great when new visitors drop in. It’s bad when they don’t know the rules.

Reusable, portable gallery walls at the Czech & Slovak Museum & Library

    A look at a former temporary exhibit where portable walls were used. The...

Traverse City – Crooked Tree Gallery


Portable Walls for art galleries

A look at Traverse City’s Crooked Tree Art Center’s use of Pareti’s Mobile Walls: “With Pareti Mobile walls, we’re able to completely transform our space with each new exhibit. The Pareti team provided outstanding, personal service and support, and the product is exceptional. So many modular walls systems are flimsy and not stable. Pareti Mobile Walls are very sturdy and act as real walls. And the adjustable feet make it easy to level the walls – even with our slightly un-level floors!”

Get 2 Coats of White Primer Free in April!

Order walls in April and receive a 2-coats of applied white primer to your walls at no extra charge! Or, if you order bare walls, get a discount on your order!

National Civil Rights Museum – Portable exhibit walls

A look at the National Civil Rights Museum and Pareti’s portable exhibit walls for their exhibit “Kin Killing Kin”

Kent State University – portable gallery walls

Portable gallery walls by Pareti Mobile Walls were recently purchased by Kent State University to be used in their newest gallery and art education building.

Portable gallery walls made in the USA

Ahhh – the political season is upon us, with tiring ads and long, heated debates on social media for the next year or so. Regardless of your political choice, one thing is sure: when it comes to our portable gallery walls made in the USA, we’re super grateful to be able to develop an idea, embrace a vision, and offer our products right here in the USA!